Your competitors are probably working now to generate new ideas designed to steal your customers away from you and make it even harder for you to win theirs.

If you aren’t generating new ideas, then you’re allowing the competition to get ahead.

So you better be busy. BUT, some ideation processes are better than others. In fact I’ve worked with companies whose processes were totally broken. Fortunately, broken processes can be fixed because when ideation is not working well, its rarely because you have “bad people” but far more likely you are using bad practices.

The most common issues with…

And 3 Risks to Watch Out For

In today’s digital era, the success of organizations will likely be determined by their ability to transform digitally. Many companies need an innovation hero to lead that charge.

Do you want to be the one to “stick your neck out” pushing for large scale digital transformation?

There are risks involved when leading a dramatic transformation. If things go wrong, could you possibly be fired? Sidelined? Demoted? Disgraced?

Yes! This happens all the time to transformation leaders.

Let’s look at why leading transformation is risky and then we can take a look at why…

We can learn a lot about leading successful transformation from George Washington and Abraham Lincoln — two of the most respected leaders in US history.

Businesses that successfully resonate with today’s customers often utilize the help of a specialized company to help navigate their digital transformation.

These companies are called digital transformation agencies. If you don’t have one working with you now, this article will help you understand what they are, what they can offer, and why they can be so critical to success.


Here are some of the reasons why you might want to hire a digital transformation agency, as opposed to trying to do it all yourself.

Throwing parties at work is a great way to create a sense of camaraderie that’s very beneficial to getting teams aligned and committed to a common goal.

But, with so many people working from home, in-person parties are problematic.

What can you do to avoid losing the opportunity to bond as a team?


You probably have a lot of information about your customers stashed away in a variety of different databases, spreadsheets, and documents at your company.

But are you using that data to its maximum potential? Or are you guilty of Customer Data Neglect? If so, the punishment is sub-optimized business results, and it’s automatic — no judge or jury needs to convict you.


So how can you reform this behavior? …

Whether you’re responsible for digital transformation or just trying to improve a product, process or marketing program, coming up with ideas is almost always an important part of success.

One way you can create ideas is by bringing everyone together in some sort of brainstorming activity.

But sometimes you find that you’ve invited someone who’s not going to let anyone else talk — someone who is so certain they have the right answers that they take all the oxygen in the room — the ideation bully.

The Ideation Bully has an idea of how “it” should be done and they…

Even if you are already convinced that it’s important for your company to be customer-centric, you still need a strong business-minded answer as to why — because you will need to persuade others.

And while most of the business leaders you will need to persuade will be quick to give “lip service” to the idea of being customer-centric, many will resist actually doing it.


Let’s consider the typical “persuasion scenario” that must be overcome for a company’s management to commit to becoming truly “customer centric.”

The people who are responsible for a business’ “bottom line” — CEOs…

They say you learn by doing, and in most cases, that’s true. But that usually takes time.

Sometimes, it’s better just to take what others have done and learn from it.

These kinds of shortcuts aren’t necessarily bad, as long as they’re ethical and teach you what you need to know. For example, using the research of someone else because they have studied the very same questions you are trying to answer and have already found some of the answers for you.

Reviewing the research others have already done is called “secondary” research.

There are five primary sources to which…

Digital transformation is essential to the future success of your company but let’s face it, there are many people who actively resist it. They rationalize that it isn’t needed and try to focus everyone on its dangers. And if a change still gets adopted, they can go as far to sabotage it.

If you’re one of those people who have strong reasons for wanting to see digital transformation fail, this article will show you some tips and pointers on how to effectively block change at your company.

And if you’re the one who’s trying to lead digital transformation, this article…

The Digital Transformation Agency

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